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Epiphany 5: Ordination

It happened, it was glorious, it fed eyes and ears and touch and smell (yes, incense) and taste. And I can’t believe I’m fretting that I got so many things wrong. Maybe not all my fault, and fortunately things that happened after hands were laid, but still, I wish I’d done better. We did rehearse; […]

just a picture for now

This is Eucharist ready during the “Nourish Your Spirit” Bible study and Eucharist at the end of common art. Yes, the white cloth under the elements is paper towel. Yes, that’s grape juice and a multi-grain roll. We’re reading through the Gospel of John (the hardest one, as one of the staff noted), but it […]

another digression

Father Bob started a lot of conversations with “how ’bout them Hawks?”, win or lose, but he never stopped there, and he always has time to listen and listens well. We’ll pray for him out here where it’s “what about the Celtics?”

street ministry

another quick post in my remaining 5 minutes of time on the Boston Public Library free computer access. Hoping for better soon. Yesterday I spent a couple hours with Steven talking to people on the street. When I got back to where I’m staying, I wrote 9 pages on it–won’t reproduce that here! Some people […]

common art

This will be a quick post–I have 4:40 minutes left on a free terminal at the Boston Public Library. Common art is way, way cool. A big open room, decent light, drop cloth on floor and on each of a lot of tables. All kinds of art supplies. A couple people who set up and […]


I am planning for my month in Boston, realizing suddenly that I’ve never spent a whole month away from my house, in someone else’s house, since–well, since college. And that’s different. I’ve had people live in my house for anyplace from a school year to a few months, but I’ve never been the guest. I […]

Book by Book

Or, Talking about the Book Sale — again When I show up at the earlier services at my church, people expect I’m either going to ask for volunteers for the overflow or talk about the book sale. This week, it’s time to talk about the book sale. Since 1998, we’ve run an annual used book […]