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Last message from Boston

Or Cambridge. Tomorrow I’ll get the sheets washed early, finish packing, go out for breakfast (no food left in the house), and meet Tina at noon to do more street ministry. Though after only four weeks, when I’m out by myself I recognize people–John, bumming for change; someone with tooth pain whose name I can’t […]

Saturday’s post

If I were feeling cheesy, I’d call this “knitting us together”. Knitting is catching on here. Last week, we introduced the idea of knitting a stole as a community project. Several people said no thanks, they didn’t want to put in even a stitch. I have some lovely yarn (Debbie Bliss Rialto, worsted weight, 100% […]

preaching to the choir

Today, I was the preacher for common cathedral. A street church service is very much a liturgy–work of the people. The person appointed to preach does so, briefly; then anyone and everyone comments on the Gospel. The Prayers of the People are just that: people stepping forward with a prayer, a comment, a thanks, ending […]

after a few days’ silence

One of my astute readers said, I’ve been reading your stuff, and now I understand better what you’re doing, but I don’t know what you’re feeling. Bingo. Kind of like Kathy telling me I need to work from the heart, not the head. I like my head, it’s very comfortable here, mostly. It has been […]

what I really didn’t expect to be doing

We are sitting in a Dunkin Donuts, a couple doors down from St. Paul’s Cathedral. St. Paul’s has been doing lunch for over 20 years every Monday, holidays and all. If it’s Monday, there is lunch at St. Paul’s, done by a different parish in the diocese every week. Ecclesia does pastoral care during lunch. […]


You’re all welcome to read this, but this is really for my discernment committee. They were wonderful at the time, and their work with me and for me continues to grow. You sent me to actually do street ministry, because you weren’t sure I could “leave behind my CV.” I was pretty sure you were […]

common art

I’m going to try to post some pictures from common art for you. I have a lot; if I get a chance to stand up and talk about ecclesia, I’ll keep pictures going in the background so you can see more of them. This week I sat and knitted; next week I have 3 or […]

pastoral care and street church

I don’t think I know what the dictionary definition of pastoral care is. I am pretty sure it means something done with another person and means listening to that person very carefully. You both know that at least one person is somehow in need. And I think both people feel something at the end, moved, […]

More Sunday

apologies that this is out of chronological order. But maybe chronological order isn’t the point. Three women from a congregation someplace brought a box full of home-made purses to give after the service. They were in bright fabrics, all lined, simple bags with a zipper closure and two loop handles. Yes, they wanted anyone who […]


Monday’s official activities are a free lunch at St. Paul’s Cathedral; a Eucharist and healing service; and a homeless AA meeting. Then I met with Kathy to talk about what I’ll do for the month. The lunch is put on by a different parish each week; they serve soup, a hot sandwich, a vegetable, and […]