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hanging out in Cambridge: lots of pictures

two notes: first, I apologize for all the white space. Haven’t quite mastered all the tricks of this. And second, clicking on any photo will take you to flickr and a larger version of the photo. Here is the monastery I walk past every day-the shortcut pedestrian way towards Harvard Square and the Tstop (subway) […]

after a few days’ silence

One of my astute readers said, I’ve been reading your stuff, and now I understand better what you’re doing, but I don’t know what you’re feeling. Bingo. Kind of like Kathy telling me I need to work from the heart, not the head. I like my head, it’s very comfortable here, mostly. It has been […]

tourist tsouris

Saturday is a day off for this project. Splendid, I thought: I will explore a couple museums, treat myself to lunch, stay out of Debbie’s way for the day. So I took off, starting with the Fogg Art Museum. It’s free Saturday mornings, which is nice; it’s less than a mile from here. Since Saturday […]


It’s Tuesday, the sun is shining, there are boats out on the Charles River, which I can see from Debbie’s dining room and as I walk to the T (the subway). I can find that reliably, and a couple places to get coffee or a simple meal. Groceries–that’s another T stop beyond Harvard Square. I’m […]

I came too close to losing a cat Thursday. Bean is a walking sofa cushion, a cat whose tombstone, we’ve joked, will read “he lived only to digest.” He is a big cat, near 20 pounds in his prime; a cat who, if he noticed a mouse, wouldn’t so much catch it as break its […]

Good news

Officially a postulant Click and you can read the whole letter from Bishop Scarfe. I am now a postulant for the Diaconate in the Diocese of Iowa.

trying on a blog

I’ve always kept a journal when I go on a trip–starting with an 8 week summer camp in Maine, when I was 15. I’ve never quite finished journalling the last days of the trip; I’ve never filled any of the purpose-bought notebooks. So I have a shelf with mostly-finished, half-filled but charming small notebooks from […]