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500 lucid words on sacrament

This evening I am supposed to be writing 500 lucid words on Richard Hooker’s concept of the real presence in the Eucharist. I am not willing to do so just now. This evening I went to the laundromat (a necessity, since mice ate something important in my washing machine) (or, since I find cleanliness preferable, […]

Last message from Boston

Or Cambridge. Tomorrow I’ll get the sheets washed early, finish packing, go out for breakfast (no food left in the house), and meet Tina at noon to do more street ministry. Though after only four weeks, when I’m out by myself I recognize people–John, bumming for change; someone with tooth pain whose name I can’t […]

preaching to the choir

Today, I was the preacher for common cathedral. A street church service is very much a liturgy–work of the people. The person appointed to preach does so, briefly; then anyone and everyone comments on the Gospel. The Prayers of the People are just that: people stepping forward with a prayer, a comment, a thanks, ending […]

More Sunday

apologies that this is out of chronological order. But maybe chronological order isn’t the point. Three women from a congregation someplace brought a box full of home-made purses to give after the service. They were in bright fabrics, all lined, simple bags with a zipper closure and two loop handles. Yes, they wanted anyone who […]

overnight at overflow

For three or four years, I’ve been part of a project of several churches in town to provide additional safe, warm, dry space at night from November through March. Our local homeless shelter only holds 29, often not large enough. We live in a state where the wind blows, it gets cold, there are livestock […]

Prayers of the People, Common Cathedral

This picture means to whet your appetite, give you more of a taste of street church. Notice we had a bright, sunny day in Boston. I don’t think we (or Boston) can count on that year round. We’re just starting our third year of overflow housing during November-March because our one general use emergency shelter […]