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Last message from Boston

Or Cambridge. Tomorrow I’ll get the sheets washed early, finish packing, go out for breakfast (no food left in the house), and meet Tina at noon to do more street ministry. Though after only four weeks, when I’m out by myself I recognize people–John, bumming for change; someone with tooth pain whose name I can’t […]

preaching to the choir

Today, I was the preacher for common cathedral. A street church service is very much a liturgy–work of the people. The person appointed to preach does so, briefly; then anyone and everyone comments on the Gospel. The Prayers of the People are just that: people stepping forward with a prayer, a comment, a thanks, ending […]

common art

I’m going to try to post some pictures from common art for you. I have a lot; if I get a chance to stand up and talk about ecclesia, I’ll keep pictures going in the background so you can see more of them. This week I sat and knitted; next week I have 3 or […]

pastoral care and street church

I don’t think I know what the dictionary definition of pastoral care is. I am pretty sure it means something done with another person and means listening to that person very carefully. You both know that at least one person is somehow in need. And I think both people feel something at the end, moved, […]

altar guild, respite care

Here is the altar ready for the Sunday afternoon common cathedral service. There’s a frontal, made by the first members of this congregation; a wooden bowl with bread; two clear plastic bottles with grape juice. The brown paper bags at this end have small plastic medicine cups that are used for the grape juice (and […]

More Sunday

apologies that this is out of chronological order. But maybe chronological order isn’t the point. Three women from a congregation someplace brought a box full of home-made purses to give after the service. They were in bright fabrics, all lined, simple bags with a zipper closure and two loop handles. Yes, they wanted anyone who […]

Sunday: Three Churches

I’m starting to find where I can connect so I can post. For now, to catch up, I’m going to do a few short pieces to cover the last few days. It poured rain this morning as I walked to get coffee and a roll — couldn’t find the café where I had a large, […]

Prayers of the People, Common Cathedral

This picture means to whet your appetite, give you more of a taste of street church. Notice we had a bright, sunny day in Boston. I don’t think we (or Boston) can count on that year round. We’re just starting our third year of overflow housing during November-March because our one general use emergency shelter […]

Common Cathedral altar

Common Cathedral altarOriginally uploaded by jhwc1975 Sunday, October 30: setting up the altar and cross for Common Cathedral on Boston Common. Read more about this project by using the ecclesia link.

street church

“street church” is one way to refer to many ministries which bring Gospel, presence, and worship to people on the street. Some are homeless, some housed, some use shelters, some don’t. They are not a group we welcome easily into “housed churches”, and they don’t feel comfortable coming in. But they still seek Christ and […]