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Prayers of the People, Common Cathedral

This picture means to whet your appetite, give you more of a taste of street church. Notice we had a bright, sunny day in Boston. I don’t think we (or Boston) can count on that year round. We’re just starting our third year of overflow housing during November-March because our one general use emergency shelter isn’t big enough. It’s hard work, hard on the volunteers who do the all night fire watch. This weeks Epistle (Revised Common Lectionary) from Thessalonians ends “do not weary of doing good”. I’m glad I heard that.

Prayers of the People, Common CathedralOriginally uploaded by jhwc1975

Prayers of the People are that–begun and ended by the celebrant, but made up of what the people have to say. Thanks, fears, hopes, plans, frustrations–and a prayer for the Red Sox. This young woman is one we encountered on the streets on Saturday; she came to Common Cathedral on Sunday, and is sharing her plans to better her life by accepting help. If you think there’s someone wiping an eye in the background, you’re right.

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