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arrrived safely

This is not going to include thought or insight, just gratitude to everyone who is responding and supporting me. Gratitude to Amtrack for a safe and easy trip with luggage arriving at the same time I did. Gratitude to Debbie for giving me a wonderful place to stay–it is indeed two doors down from SSJE (Society of St. John the Evangelist). I slept through services this morning (slower than expected recovery from 24 hours on the train) but am going to Evening Prayer.

Also that I’ve already bought a “charlie card”, found my way to Boston Common and back, and not gotten noticeably lost. Yet. Got a call from the common cathedral folks thia afternoon; I’ll meet them tomorrow and help set up the altar. And–until I find a free wifi spot, this will probably be it for a day or two.

ps it’s raining and chilly here, too. So I’ll find out where common cathedral meets in the rain. Photos to come.

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