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It’s Tuesday, the sun is shining, there are boats out on the Charles River, which I can see from Debbie’s dining room and as I walk to the T (the subway). I can find that reliably, and a couple places to get coffee or a simple meal. Groceries–that’s another T stop beyond Harvard Square. I’m not buying much. Debbie runs a sparse kitchen, so I am trying to be tidy and honor that. I haven’t seen her yet (she’s out of town) but am enjoying her elegant, wood-floored apartment with a wonderful kitchen, my little room and bath off the kitchen, big formal dining room and living room. Off the entry hall (itself a generous space) are the main and second bedroom, and the master bath. I’m reading Debbie’s copy of Karen Armstrong’s The Spiral Staircase, perhaps an odd choice on a diaconal internship, but fascinating reading.

I bit the bullet and have paid for monthly access at Starbucks. Much cheaper than by the day, I hope. Pictures–still working on that, though I’ve taken lots of them. John used to quote Thoreau: beware any thing which requires new clothes. I think the current version should add “and/or new technology”.

Meanwhile, the sun is shining, it’s gorgeous out there. I’m going to take the laptop back to the apartment, leave my jacket there too, and head back to Boston. There’s a staff meeting this afternoon, and probably that will turn up opportunities to do more things.

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