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common art

This will be a quick post–I have 4:40 minutes left on a free terminal at the Boston Public Library.

Common art is way, way cool. A big open room, decent light, drop cloth on floor and on each of a lot of tables. All kinds of art supplies. A couple people who set up and offer help. Indefinite storage for any project any one is working on. Shows, a chance to sell your art. Acrylic, stained glass, charcoal, pencil, pastels. People eating (bagels, oranges 1/8th’d, juice, coffee, muffins, PB&J. People reading, people sleeping, people just hanging out. We’ve occasionally done this for kids for a short term; it is clearly very valued by the adults who come. Most, not all are homeless. They really don’t want their pictures taken, but they were happy to show me their work, talk about it a little, let me take pictures of it. Gives me furiously to think.

Next task for the day was writing out my goals for the ministry and why I wanted to do it. More later.

love having all your comments; thank you! time’s up.

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