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street ministry

another quick post in my remaining 5 minutes of time on the Boston Public Library free computer access. Hoping for better soon.

Yesterday I spent a couple hours with Steven talking to people on the street. When I got back to where I’m staying, I wrote 9 pages on it–won’t reproduce that here!

Some people clearly don’t want to be approached. Some are known to Steven. Some, we meet for the first time and are happy to talk at great and not always coherent length. We ask, How are you doing today? and let the conversation go from there. What do you need? Those who answer “money” don’t want to talk much. Some are working on getting housing, others don’t seem to be able to grasp that they could. Once started, they like to be listened to. How to respond when you’re not sure what they said, that’s more difficult.

One man was hustled off by Transit police as we were talking to him. Steven hurried after, got a name and badge number. The man clearly had been making trouble inside the station, earlier, but wasn’t then. And if he were sitting there illegally, why weren’t we equally so?

Blessed Pentecost to all; you may not hear more till Monday.

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