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trying on a blog

I’ve always kept a journal when I go on a trip–starting with an 8 week summer camp in Maine, when I was 15. I’ve never quite finished journalling the last days of the trip; I’ve never filled any of the purpose-bought notebooks. So I have a shelf with mostly-finished, half-filled but charming small notebooks from trips to England, Peru, Morocco.

Now I’m on a different journey and so a different kind of journal seems appropriate. The physical journey will be in May, doing a month’s internship in street ministry. The real journey is in discernment for the vocational diaconate in the Episcopal Church. My intention is to write about the internship when I’m in the midst of it. Between now and then, I’m going to learn how to use this handsome site my daughter has generously set up and hosted for me. While I’m on a learning curve, I won’t be talking about ministry all the time. Books might be fair game, and the cats, and knitting, and anything else that comes to mind.

Those of you who’ve graciously agreed to read and react, I welcome comments.

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