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hanging out in Cambridge: lots of pictures

two notes: first, I apologize for all the white space. Haven’t quite mastered all the tricks of this. And second, clicking on any photo will take you to flickr and a larger version of the photo.

Here is the monastery I walk past every day-the shortcut pedestrian way towards Harvard Square and the Tstop (subway) is just beyond it.SSJE

Next, a very small restaurant, Lee’s, which does a good, fast, generous, inexpensive breakfast. Their window says “free wi-fi”, but I haven’t been able to pick it up. And no, I don’t get breakfast here every day.Lee's

But I do go to Peet’s Coffee and Tea daily, and after some experiment, have become very fond of café-au-lait here. There’s seldom a seat, but there is a park in front with benches and pigeons. The American Express office (source of cash since my ATM card died) is across the street. Peet's

Here is the T stop on Harvard Square; I buy a Boston Globe at the news stand about once a week. There is a closer entrance to the same station, but this one has an escalator. I do a lot more stairs here than I do at home, and appreciate every subway escalator I can find.

Harvard Square

Also the Harvard Coop, which has a café with good soup and such, but unfortunately you have to walk past a lot of books to get there:

Harvard Square

This is the subway stop one beyond Harvard Square, Porter Square. There is a grocery store here, a big Shaw’s, and luckily an escalator, with this permanent glove collection. There are several strewn the length of one escalator, but I only show you one:Red Line, Davis

Closer to home base, down the pedestrian walkway that goes alongside the monastery between Memorial Drive and the two short blocks to Mt. Auburn Street, there is a the Cambridge 02138 post office and the FedEx/Kinko’s, the latter open 24 hours. That’s where I get reasonably good and not too expensive wifi through T-mobile. This area has many fine things, but free wifi is not on the list. And the wireless access is up those stairs. wi-fi hot spot

Charlie’s, where I eat dinner (and have a beer) once a week. Fish and chips so far is my favorite. And a Sam Adams.Charlies

Wagamama, apparently a chain, but pretty good. Good food, generous, a little more than Charlie’s, but fast and well-arranged for single diners. restaurant

And, um, right by Wagamama there is a yarn store. And yes, I’ve been in a few times. LYS

I will spare you the Staples where they came up with a photo downloading solution, or the Starbucks where I first got some internet access (T Mobile, but neither the seating nor the lighting is good, especially if you want an outlet). But looking out at the Charles, with scullers, sailboats, joggers, walkers, ducks, and geese every day is nice: Charles RiverThere you have it. How I spent my month’s vacation when I wasn’t with ecclesia. Today I did about half the Freedom Trail after lunch at St. Paul’s and talking–so near the last time–with people there, and outside. So maybe a picture of Sam Adams tomorrow, or the big banner cheering the Celtics on that hangs on the Boston State House (where the state legislature meets). Or the statue of a donkey honoring the many Democratic mayors, and the plaque with two footprints that lets you “stand in opposition”.

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