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Last message from Boston

Or Cambridge. Tomorrow I’ll get the sheets washed early, finish packing, go out for breakfast (no food left in the house), and meet Tina at noon to do more street ministry. Though after only four weeks, when I’m out by myself I recognize people–John, bumming for change; someone with tooth pain whose name I can’t remember; the group of kids who came to common cathedral last week. And I stop and talk with them.

Then we have a staff meeting, Group Reflection, which will be good and hard and sad and wonderful. Then back to Cambridge, finish packing, and head to the train station to spend 36 hours on trains (and 4 hours layover in Washington).

So this is quick, and without pictures.

Someone asked, will I miss the sights of Boston? No, I’ll miss the people I’ve met, but I need to go home and get to know some of the people I only vaguely recognize who live in the Shelter or on the street.

“But you know us now. And you’ll carry us with you”, one of them said.

Yes, I will.

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