wanna come work with me?

The library where I work in Franklin Park, just a hop, skip, and a jump west of River Forest, is hiring another youth services assistant. It’s 19.5 hours a week, $10 an hour — pretty much the same job that I have, except I’m focused more on doing YA programming and you’d be focused more on younger kids. As you can see, our kids’ web site needs some serious help (love that clip art!), although at least now all the links work (when I arrived, no one had updated them in about five years).

If you’re at all interested in working with kids, I encourage you to apply. It’s kind of a nutty place, but I’ve learned a lot since I started here in February, and I’ve gotten a good taste of what real life library work is like. If you want to know more about the job, drop me a note: lauracrossett {at} hailmail {dot} net, or you can sometimes catch me on AIM as theblackmolly.

Oh, and here’s a link for the job ad again, in case you missed my attempt at clever linking above.

publicly (and privately) speaking. . .

Steven M. Cohen, of the ad-laden but useful Library Stuff, points to a recent post about the importance of public speaking skills for librarians at the elegant (and eloquent) Caveat Lector. I didn’t get to attend the GSLIS shindig that Kate Marek organized for people to show off their work (no link because I can’t find one in the uninformative GSLIS Student Information Center), but I know there are people doing smart stuff out there. Drop a comment or a line (see e-mail address in previous post, and don’t forget to take out the spaces) and tell us about it. Or, if you don’t feel you’re doing cool stuff, what would you like to be doing? Do you think our courses are giving us opportunities to prepare for giving 20-25 minute presentations? No? Gosh, neither do I. Then again, is that the school’s responsibility or ours? What can we do? All ideas welcome.

A note on privacy: My name is plastered all over this project, or at any rate it’s pretty darned easy to track it to me. If you want to make comments, via Blogger (and yes, despite my devotion to the open source movement, I am using Blogger, spawn of that devilish Google — call it a shortage of energy and cash), you can do so anonymously. If you e-mail me, tell me whether you’d be willing to be quoted and to what extent, if any, you’d like to be identified. Of course, if someone really wanted to dig up whatever you may have said at some point out in the digital world, she probably could — but unless you’re planning to run for office or work for the CIA, I kind of doubt anyone will want to look that hard.

ALA conference

So I hope some other people are going to ALA. If you are and you haven’t already seen it, you have to check out the Unofficial ALA Wiki — and better yet, contribute to it!

Also, I forgot to say how to get ahold of me: if you have suggestions for the blog or want to contribute, please e-mail me at lauracrossett @ hailmail.net.

welcome. . .

Yo! So, this is here blog is for students in the GSLIS at Dominican University. Why? Well, earlier today I ran across an article about the library job market in Library Journal that I thought people might want to read if they hadn’t seen it. I posted it on the LISSA Blackboard and was reminded again of how much I hate Blackboard (you can’t always tell what a post is about until you look at it, the navigation system sucks, and no RSS! Poopy, I say, poopy! I should add that this is Blackboard’s fault, not LISSA’s). So then I thought, well, what would be a good system for communicating GSLIS type stuff? What would I like as a GSLIS student? Hence, this blog.

There are a lot of librarian and library blogs out there — librarian.net, Free Range Librarian, Tame the Web, Catalogablog, just to name a few — and it seems kind of silly to add to them. I don’t intend for LISdom to do that. I just want it to be a place to post and exchange information: accessible, commentable-onable, RSS-able information.

So send me your contributions, rants, ideas — and if you’d like to blog on LISdom, let me know that, too — I can’t do this all on my own.